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We are a specialist in tile-hosting and development services around OpenStreetMap and recommended by the OSM community as OpenStreetMap tile provider. We do not only follow the installation guides from OSM, but we also offer OSM Consulting and add services such as intelligence map tiling, tile hosting, custom look and feel, OSM Pro Address and OSM Pro Route.

OSM on a stick

Tile-hosting, your OSM Tile Server in your own environment or hosted in the cloud

OSM Hosting

Hosting of an OpenStreetMap mirror by heavy traffic on your webpage

OSM Pro Address

Adding a third party address layer solving geocoding limitations of OpenStreetMap

OSM Pro Route

Adding a third party routing layer solving consistency and routability limitations of OpenStreetMap

OSM Consultancy

OSM services and consultancy such as analysis services, editing, legal advise, quality control

About OSM


OpenStreetMap is open data. OpenStreetMap (OSM) data is free for everyone to use, their tile servers are not. The OSM data can be made into “map tiles”, which you can show on your website, your intranet, your own solutions and in your own off-line environment. You can switch to OSM yourself by checking the website switch2osm, but many find that they need help to get the job done.

OSM on a stick

OSM on a Stick is the OSM Tile Server (an OpenStreetMap mirror) of OpenStreetMap data productized and made simple. OSM on a Stick are pre-rendered OSM tiles that can be used in a map viewer, with or without custom look and feel.
All requested tiles can be pre-rendered or some levels may be rendered on the fly. OSM on a Stick is not only available as a cloud solution, but can also be used in your own secure environment with or without a connection to the Internet.

OSM Hosting Services

We offer hosting of OSM Maps with an OSM Tile Server, OSM mirror or OSM on a Stick. We guarantee a Map Server with 24/7 service and suitable for high traffic. Details:

For commercial use
High traffic websites
Dedicated support
Service Level Agreement (SLA)

OSM Pro Address

OpenStreetMap is known for its missing address details, often its data is partial – a road is present, but unnamed, or a building lacks basic details that let it be categorized.
With the OSM Pro Address the address will be searched in a third party geocoded address database including house numbers. The coordinate can be used to display the location on OpenStreetMap. Combined you get the best of both worlds, the hyper local map from OpenStreetMap together with a full address search, geocoding or reverse geocoding capabilities.

OSM Pro Route

OpenStreetMap has problems with its routing network, often these are invisible to users of the map. Examples are disconnected roads, improper turn restrictions and unmarked speed limits.
With the OSM Pro Route the route will be searched in a third party database. Combined you get the best of both worlds, the hyper local map from OpenStreetMap, together with driving directions and ETA. Combined you get the best of both worlds, the hyper local map from OpenStreetMap together with optimized routes.

OSM Consulting

We offer professional services and consultancy on OpenStreetMap data, products & services.  For example:

Analysis Services: completeness & analysis services, vandalism checks

Editing: Complete, update or adding coverage to OpenStreetMap data for specific themes to make it suitable for your solution

Legal: Contract partner and legal advice on OpenStreetMap licenses

Quality Control: Controlled QA/QC reports on OpenStreetMap, i.e. address accuracy & completeness, routing accuracy & completeness